Photo Credit: @thomaspeschak

The opportunity to observe the gray whale though it’s migration, from icy Alaska waters to the coast of the Baja California peninsula, is without a doubt one of the best experiences you can have in the state of Baja California, Mexico

This event repeats itself every year, between December and April, luring hundreds of hopeful visitors eager to see nature’s miracle. The epic journey traveled by the gray whale, in order to reach Baja’s warm waters, ensures the ideal environment to give birth to offspring. These giant mammals reach up to 50 feet in length, and are very well adjusted to human interaction, which may come as a surprise to many. Despite the fact, adherence to proper protocol is highly expected by those who engage in this activity.

Ensenada is one of the hottest whale watching spots, where boat trips are regularly arranged during high migration season. You’ll be able to admire the magnificence of the gray whale in all its splendor, often times observed playing with their calves in open water.

Whale watching boat trips last about 4 hours, and prices vary depending on the amount of people aboard and/or the type of vessel. There are plenty of authorized expeditions. Don’t miss out on this very unique experience.

Photo Credit: @thomaspeschak

We offer the following recommendations so you can make the most out of your trip:

*Make sure that the vessel has a proper whale watching permit (a banner) processed by SEMARNAT. You assume all responsibility by boarding a vessel without a permit . It’s recommended that you arrive 30 minutes before departure.

*Avoid seasickness. Take a motion sickness pill and hour prior to boarding, even if you’ve never experienced seasickness. Better to be safe than sorry!

* Have a normal size breakfast. Coffee won’t be enough for a 4 hour trip, which is why it is also recommended to bring lunch or a snack. Fruit is a great option. For your own safety, avoid any glass containers.

* Dress accordingly. Wind has a tendency to be cold during the winter, even on a sunny day. Wear comfortable shoes, and avoid high heels.

*Clouds do not determine ocean conditions. Trips are often suspended during cloudy, rainless, and rough ocean water days. Passenger safety and comfort come first.

* Forgetting your camera is not an option! We are rarely presented with picture perfect opportunities such as this one. Binoculars are a plus!