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Valle de Guadalupe is a wonderful destination, deeply cherished by Baja California and Southern California inhabitants alike. What locals know, that others may find surprising, is that Baja’s Wine Country region is an invigorating mix of extravagant inns, fine dining and top quality wine tasting, surrounded by scenic dirt roads, a wide variety of cacti and beautiful vineyards. The best part is that Valle de Guadalupe delivers all of the above with its signature relaxed Baja attitude.

Valle is one of the longest living wine producing areas in the continent. It currently counts with more than 60 wineries (and counting), attracting 20 to 40 something year old crowds, who are looking for the trendiest spots in the region. Dubbed the “Napa Valley of Mexico” (or “Little Tuscany’ by Anthony Bourdain), visitors can indulge in the finer things in life, without spending as much moula. Besides counting with internationally renowned wine and breathtaking nature, Valle offers a wide variety of excellent food choices.

Photo Credit: @DaniValta

An incredible 90% of Mexican wine is produced in Baja California, with more than 150 wineries in existence. Valle de Guadalupe is one of many regions in the mexican state of Baja California dedicated to the production of wine. Other areas include: San Antonio de las Minas, Ojos Negros, Santo Tomás, San Vicente, La Grulla, Tanamá, Las Palmas and San Valentín.

A tour by its vineyards, through the fermentation and production cellars, will acquaint you with the exquisite wine created in this unique region in Mexico. Thanks to its geography and climate (very similar to southeast France), precise grape maturation is achieved to produce well-rounded tasting wine, but also due to ground-breaking technology used during the process. Why wait? Come and experience for yourself what Mexican wines are all about!