Temecula is what we call ‘Southern California’s Wine Country’ with its rolling hills and lavish vineyards. Temecula’s awarding winning wineries and gorgeous landscapes are what keep us coming back, time and again. There are so many different sides to living the CaliBaja life, and the wine culture is just one of these amazing attributes

Here is our list of the top five wineries in Temecula:

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Thornton Wineries

32575 Rancho California Rd, Temecula, CA

Nestled snug in the heartland of Southern Wine Country sits Thornton Winery, a gem in the Temecula Valley. This winery opened in 1988 and creates premium varietal wines that have been mastered with Old World charm and aromatic tastes. The surrounding chateau and gardens are a lovely place to take a stroll. During their summer series, you can enjoy virtuosic jazz performances and a 2009 Viognier or any other of their other full-bodied wines. Looking for a romantic night out? Stop in for an elegant dinner, topped up with a fabulous chardonnay. Thornton Winery also offers tours and wine tastings, that are sure to delight you.


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Europa Village

33475 La Serena Way, Temecula, CA

Europa Village is surrounded by luscious vineyards, manicured lawns and an alluring Spanish Baroque style inn. This beauty of a winery opened in 2006, and has grown into a prime wine tasting location in the Temecula Valley. Europa Village gives you a bit of Old World class and along with some astonishing Cali charm. Their savory wines and exquisite culinary cuisines will have you falling in love with all things Europa. Visit their C’est La Vie wine tasting room or stay a night in their delightful inn to get a more in depth understanding of their love for making prestigious wines. If you find yourself loving the beauty of the vineyards, you may even find yourself taking a stroll through the Europa Village’s impressive gardens.

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Cougar Vineyards & Winery

39870 De Portola Road, Temecula, CA

What started as a small project some 20 years ago, has turned into a phenomenal and prominent wine business. The Temecula Cougar Winery has been a labor of love. Their Italian varietals will have you dreaming about Italian vineyards. All of their varietals are 100% Estate Italian. Their winery is 17 acres of extravagant vineyards. Come in and enjoy a Chianti, or schedule a tour and taste several of their wines. Either way, you won’t be disappointed in this Cali favorite.

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Vitagliano Vineyards and Winery

36101 Glenoaks Rd.,Temecula, CA

The Vitagliano Estate Vineyards consist of 10 acres of rolling hills and savannas. The breath-taking panoramic views and green vineyards are just stunning. Vitagliano has the most super Tuscan varietals in the area. Stop in and enjoy a Dolcetto or take a tour and try several Tuscany blends. The quality of their wines is quite evident in every sip.

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Keyways Winery

37338 De Portola Road, Temecula, CA

Keyways Vineyard and Winery was founded in 1989 and they boast that they have the best wines in the Temecula Valley. Their charming rustic venue and thriving vineyards possess all the ambiance and beauty of a Southern California winery. Keyways palatable and delightful varietals meet a standard that only small group of wineries ever get to. This charming establishment is perfect for social get togethers, wine tasting and tours. Stop in and sample some of their well-balanced wines, and take in the breathtaking scenic views that Temecula has to offer.