Baja is still a widely unknown destination, that gifts tourists with truly unique experiences to the region, carefully crafted to satisfy all of your senses. CaliBaja presents you with five reasons to get started with your travels this year, and explore the wonders that Baja California holds for you.

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5.- The “Wine Route”

Exquisite wine, stunning views, and the best gourmet restaurants in the area, are some of the things that make “Ruta del Vino” (“Wine Route”) a preferred leisure destination among the locals.

Situated less than an hour away from Ensenada, Valle de Guadalupe drives tons of wine lovers to visit the area each year. The secret to the region’s well-balanced wines lies within its geographical location and rich soil conditions, which equate to the creation of world-renowned wine. The area counts with over 80 vineyards, in addition to luxurious boutique hotels, luscious spas, and mouth-watering restaurants, that could make of any trip a very memorable one. Read more about the region in one of our previous blog posts!

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4.- Whale Watching

The gray whale travels alongside the Baja California coast each winter, down from the cold Alaska and Bering waters, in order to find a location with warmer climate to mate and give birth to their calves.

Experience whale watching in the most magical way, by getting as close to the whales as it’s possible. Interacting with the largest mammal on Earth will certainly be a unique and unforgettable experience. Besides whales, tourists frequently encounter dolphins, sea lions, and many regional birds. This experience is a true spectacle of nature! Read more about it here.

3.- The World’s Aquarium

The Sea of Cortez is considered as the most biological diverse water mass, reason why famed French oceanographer Jacques Cousteau named it “El Acuario del Mundo”, which translates to “The World’s Aquarium”. This place is home to more than 850 species, as well as breathtaking views and sunsets.


The wide variety of wildlife that lives in the Sea of Cortez has turned this region into a preferred spot for scuba divers, snorkelers, marine biologists and ecotourists, who enjoy the sight of manta rays, hammerhead sharks, turtles, gray whales, sea lions, as well as the opportunity to swim among the largest fish in the world: the whale shark, found between the months of October and March. (Video Credit: @ReefHunter )

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2.- Arts and Culture

The region’s cultural richness traces back to its original founders, nomad tribes and its missions. Baja California’s history is well recorded and shared by the local museums like: CECUT’s “Museo de las Californias”, San Quintin’s Regional Museum, “Semeel Jak” museum in the Sierra of San Pedro Martir, or the “Del Valle” museum, in Mexicali.

CECUT and “El Cubo” museum are two of the most important cultural centers in Tijuana, a city with an abundant supply of artists. From the electronic music collective produced by NORTEC, to the street art you can find by simply walking around, the art scene in Baja is constantly moving and is deeply nourished by the cultural exchange with California, manifesting the wild and unique restlessness of the region.

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1.- Culinary Delights

Baja counts with a wide variety of unique flavors, which are the main focus of many culinary events in the region, which in our humble opinion, should keep food enthusiasts extremely busy.

While getting around the many points of interest in the region, don’t forget to stop for exquisite seafood paella and fish tacos from Ensenada, succulent Puerto Nuevo style lobster, tasty Chinese food from Mexicali, delicious “Pan Dulce” (“Sweet Bread”) from Tecate, and addiction-inducing street tacos from Tijuana, city that gave birth to the very famous Caesar salad and the equally popular Margaritas. (Salad Photo Credit: @caesarstijuana)

Needless to say, the CaliBaja life is everything you need and more for a perfect getaway. Come and see for yourself!