The CaliBaja community loves hanging out by the beach! Our beaches play a huge role in our culture, providing our region with unbelievable views, spectacular sunsets, and the world’s best playground. Maintaining our beautiful seashore is top priority, which is why regular beach cleanups are essential to the well-being of this priceless ecosystem.

While Californians are particularly great at keeping beaches clean, its coast only constitutes a small fraction of the 40% that represent the nation’s total coastline. Despite regional efforts, our unique beaches are vanishing nationwide, at an unnerving speed. Sadly, the primary cause is due to our continued lack of respect to the environment, as well as natural causes.

Our economy is extremely dependent on well kept and flourishing beach areas. According to the Surfrider Foundation: “Healthy beaches fuel coastal tourism and recreation economies that are worth more than $100 billion and provide 2.15 million jobs nationwide.”

After examining the 2017 State of the Beach Report Card created by the Surfrider Foundation, we discovered that more than 22 states in the U.S. are embarrassingly carrying out a ‘barely adequate to poor’ job at maintaining their beaches. It’s no surprise to learn that these states have a tendency to opt for yielding policies in regards to coastal development.

Are you ready to do your part, and help keep our coast clean? You can start by joining one of the Surfrider Foundation hosted events. More than 7,000 volunteers joined their efforts last year, removing nearly 10,000 pounds of waste. Needless to say, this is only scratching the surface.

Visit the Surfrider Foundation website to view the 2018 Beach Cleanup Schedule, pick a date, and sign up to volunteer prior to arriving. The future of our magnificent coastline depends on us. See you there!

Top Photo Credit: San Diego Young Philanthropists