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At sundown, Tijuana is filled with lights, music, color, and above all, loads of fun. This is partially due to the many bars and nightclubs that have made of Tijuana’s nightlife its main and most widely known attraction.

One of its newest night time attractions is “Cine Tonalá” (which translates to “Tonalá Theater”), located in a historical building in the famous Avenida Revolución, between 6th and 7th Street. This particular building is over 60 years old, and it used to serve as a “curios” warehouse, but has since transitioned to be one of Tijuana’s hottest spots. It was decided early on the project that protecting the city’s architectural history was of prime importance. The original ceiling, walls and facade were preserved, as it was decided to adopt the existing space and adapt the cinema to it, instead of the other way around.

The name is “Cine Tonalá” because the first of its kind is located where “Casa de Mora” art center used to be, right on Tonalá Street in the Roma Sur neighborhood, in Mexico City. The word “Tonalá” means “the place where the sun rises” in Nahuatl, a prehispanic language known historically as Aztec.

Photo Credit: Trip Advisor

This project combines elements of cinema, performing arts, food and regional wine and beer. The first theater opened 5 years ago in Mexico City, while the second location opened 3 years ago in Bogota, Colombia.

The Tijuana theatre opened its doors a little bit over a year ago, thanks to the tireless work and vision of visual art promoters Adriana Trujillo and José Inerzia. The stunning multi-level building that houses Cine Tonalá, offers an indie movie theater on the first floor, as well as a bar for pre (or post!) movie drinks. Crepes and sandwiches are also offered on the first floors for you to enjoy during the flick. A mezzanine is found in the level above, where beautiful original local artwork, as well as excellent coffee and drinks are available. The top floor serves flavorful and unique food, local wine and artisanal beer, as well as a hard-to-beat view of Avenida Revolución. On your next trip to Tijuana, come and see what the locals are doing!