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A hidden magical oasis exists within the Cucapah Sierra, in the state of Baja California. This place is the perfect spot for those who seek adventure and a touch of adrenaline, but also enjoy a peaceful environment. Cañón de Guadalupe (or Guadalupe Canyon) is a unique destination, providing the perfect balance between relaxation and action, unlike any other place on earth.

Cañón de Guadalupe is also known as “Oasis en el Desierto”, which translates to “Oasis in the Desert”, and it will only take you a glance to understand why this nickname is perfectly suited for it. The canyon is considered an iconic spot in the Baja California region, located 40 miles south from the Mexicali-Tijuana highway. Getting there is no easy task, which is why we recommend guided assistance by someone who knows the way.

As you arrive, the sight of the hot spring pools will captivate you. Each one of the hot springs is situated in an individual pool, perfect for a relatively private, relaxing experience, where you can also camp and watch the stars at night. When the day is hot, you can cool off in one of the cold pools, or discover the many surrounding waterfalls in the area. The best

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time to visit is during the summer, which is when you’ll be able to enjoy the full experience.

Besides the hot springs, other attractions you can enjoy at Cañón de Guadalupe are its impressive rock formations, where you’ll be able to admire the spectacle of Mother Nature’s work. While in the area, you shouldn’t miss Palmas de Cantú, where you can find cave paintings created by native indigenous people.

Hopefully you found a reason why to visit Cañón de Guadalupe. Have you been there? We would love to hear about your experience in the comment section below. Enjoy your trip!

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