Photo Credit: @Benele

Are you traveling to Baja, but still don’t know how to properly dial either domestic or international? Do you know what number to call in case of an emergency? It’s probably a good idea to have some of the most important numbers handy in case you need them. A quick response makes a big difference sometimes. As the old saying goes, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

Baja cities have the following codes:

(664) | Tijuana, San Antonio del Mar, Playas de Tijuana

(686) | Mexicali, San Felipe, Rumorosa

(661) | Rosarito, Popotla, Primo Tapia, Bahia de Kino

(665) | Tecate, El Hongo, El Descanso

(646) | Ensenada, El Sauzal, La Bufadora, La Mision, Santo Tomás

(658) | Guadalupe Victoria, Los Algodones

These are the dialing prefixes you can use within Mexican territory:

Prefix What is it for? Looks like:
00 Dialing direct international 00 + country code + area code + phone #
01 Dialing a Mexican number direct 01 + area code + phone #
02 Dialing a Mexican operator 02 + area code + phone #
09 Dialing an international operator 09 + country code + area code + phone #
044 Calling a Mexican cell phone from a landline 044 + area code + phone #
045 Calling a Mexican cell phone from a landline 045 + area code + phone #
Calling to a cell phone from a cell phone area code + phone #


Service numbers:

020 Operator
030 Current Local Time
040 Information
060 Police
065 Red Cross
066 or 911 Emergency
071 Electric Company Hotline
072 City Services Hotline (Bad Roads, Water Issues, etc.)
090 Operator Assistance for International Dialing