Drone photography and Blog by Remy Sternbach.

I was born in Manhattan and I grew up in a yuppy area of Brooklyn called Park Slope. Some have asked, “Why would you ever leave New York City?” I guess being a third generation New Yorker from a family of accomplished lawyers and business people, I just wanted something different. Furthermore, trading subway trains in the sub-freezing winter for Margaritas by the beach in January, just seemed like a better choice.

Eager to find a life different from the one came from, I moved to California while I was still a teenager. After a stint in LA, I settled in San Diego for its small-town feel. It didn’t take me long after moving to Southern California to begin fully embracing the Southern California lifestyle. The clichés of living in SoCal have proven true for me. I have taken up surfing, playing volleyball, and eating Mexican food on a daily basis. A lifestyle I have easily been able to get used to.

Not long after moving to San Diego, I found myself traveling south of the border to Baja and I quickly fell in love with the Region. The food, the scenery, the people, the culture, as well as the countless things to do, have helped make Baja a truly unique and special place for me. I find it astonishing that within just half an hour of traveling below the border, I can go ATVing, Latin dancing, horseback riding on the beach, as well as do so much more! This attraction has led me to travel to Baja more and more frequently. Unbeknownst to me, I have found myself fully embracing the CaliBaja life!

CaliBaja is a place, a community, a lifestyle, and an idea that transcends borders. Imagine for a second there was no geopolitical separation between Southern California from Baja. Consider what they both share. Our mountains, our oceans, our beaches, our sunshine, our incredible people (and not to mention our love for tacos!) are some of the universally shared things that make this region so special.

It is a pity that some of the media represents Baja negatively. In these contentious times, it’s especially important to remember that both Southern California and Baja have so much to offer. This should be celebrated and shared and being part of the CaliBaja life helps us to do that.

It would not be an atypical week for me to surf and go snowboarding in Southern California, and then ATV and enjoy wines at a local Vineyard in Baja. It’s truly a blessing to be able to do all these things and I hope you too can join me in enjoying this regional lifestyle!

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Photo:  La Fonda, Baja California