Have you ever thought about visiting Mexicali? The capital state of Baja California has many things to offer to adventurous tourists. CaliBaja has five suggestions for you to check out.

Photo Credit: @sandboardmexico

“Los Algodones” Dunes

Mexicali is a prefered destination among tourists who are adrenaline junkies, who seek adventure and extreme sports. Described as surfing without waves, sandboarding originated in Brazil back in the 80’s, and it’s practiced among the fine, white sands of “Los Algodones”. The Cuervitos dunes, inside “Los Algodones”, are located 40 minutes away from Mexicali, offering some of the most breathtaking sceneries to practice this sport. The Cuervitos dunes are also the official venue to international championships, like the “Baja Sandboard”, during the month of March.


Photo Credit: @nicholasgomez

Hardy River

The Hardy River was discovered by Sir William Hale Hardy in 1826, a lieutenant of the English Navy. The Hardy River is the only river in the state of Baja California where it’s possible to navigate, making it ideal for exhilarating aquatic sports, such as water skiing, kayaking and waterboarding. Other attractions in the area include restaurants, palapas, camping spaces, public grill areas, as well as plenty of open space for bike, motorcycle, and 4-wheel riding. In other words, the Hardy River is a gem for outdoors lovers.



Cañón de Guadalupe

Photo Credit: México Desconocido

Need more from the outdoors? Then Cañón de Guadalupe (Guadalupe Canyon), within the Cucapah sierra, will serve you just right. Challenging climbs, stunning hiking trails, mountain biking, archeological sightseeing, cave paintings, and relaxing hot springs are just some of the activities that Cañón de Guadalupe, a.k.a. “Oasis in the Desert”, is willing to offer. Camping grounds are also available for overnight stays, where star watching is unparalleled. Need to know more about Guadalupe Canyon? Read here.

Photo Credit: @mexicaliturismo

Art Passage

The unique Art Passage consists of a series of public corridors, dedicated to promoting local artists through the fifteen murals that adorn this space. The motif of the murals is urban art, which in return infuses the city with a vibrant feel. In addition to the murals, you’ll find and ample gallery, which is certain  to quench your arts and culture craving. Festivals, plastic arts exhibitions, and installations are some of the other forms of art that periodically exhibit among these walls.



Photo Credit: @soldelninomexicali

“Sol del Niño” Museum

The “Sol del Niño” Museum is all about education, in a very fun and memorable way. This space was created for an interactive learning experience, designed to attract all members of every family, while encouraging an intellectual spark, inspiring a participative character, and natural curiosity in our youth. The museum’s main theme is science, technology, and the environment.

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